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For candidates

At Minerva Recruitment, we aim to empower the international community of HE sector job-seekers, and support greater autonomy in the sector - via an exclusive jobs board, 'virtual' mentor listings, and exclusive discounts for related affiliated services. Make your search a "smart search" with us!

For employers

We are the only (independent) recruitment agency to work solely with HE sector-based potential applicants (most are PhD-level and above). We source talent globally, and list international and domestic jobs. We also prioritise women and traditionally marginalised scholars, given extensive lack of equity in the Higher Education sector (and beyond).

'One-stop-shop’ Jobs Board

Explore a wide-range of international jobs listings, from various sources, via our jobs board. This includes both academic and non-academic opportunities. At Minerva Recruitment, we prioritise predominantly Arts/Hums and qualitative Social Science related opportunities although other disciplines are also included.

Fully committed to scholars

Minerva Recruitment is built on scholar-activist practice and values, our Founder/Director is also HE-experienced (with a PhD). We understand the challenges faced by HE-based job-seekers (particularly women and other marginalised scholars). We are committed to supporting you in securing a successful career transition.

Better employment opportunities

At Minerva Recruitment, we specialise in supporting women and marginalised job-seekers in the sector. We prioritise secure listings (i.e. full-time/longer-term, £30,000p.a. and above) with many opportunities offering £80k - £100k + (or equivalent), with PhD experience preferred for the right candidate(s)!

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  • A regularly updated, curated, jobs board – only for HE sector job-seekers – jobs sourced by a human (no-AI ‘scraping’ or ‘dead’ listings);
  • Access to an exclusive ‘virtual’ mentor listing page, highlighting experienced mentors committed to ‘paying-it-forward’;
  • Access to our ‘affiliates’ page – explore exclusive negotiated discounts for related and affiliated services (i.e. coaching, editorial, legal services)

Minerva Recruitment is a very good company, which personally addresses the needs of each customer. The jobs board and all website tools make easier and soften the job hunting. Also, Roz (the founder), is very kind, human and accessible to any insights, which makes Minerva unique!

Lucas Slobodticov, International Lawyer/MA Student

Minerva Recruitment is an excellent resource, particularly for people in academia who are looking to expand their professional reach. The company’s customer service is outstanding as well, and it’s clear that they are committed to making sure their users have the best possible experience. Highly recommended!

Dr Caitlin Doyle

We are 100% committed to scholars. From the first contact, to successfully placing our candidates in their dream role – wherever that may be.

Dr Rosalie Clarke, Founder/Director

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