We help global employers find HE sector-based talent for international, and domestic, jobs.

When it comes to finding the perfect candidate for your job roles, we provide a variety of recruitment services to suit your needs. These include: an exclusive talent pool, a ‘flagged’ job listing service for your premium opportunities (via our jobs board), as well as a ‘bespoke’ head-hunting and candidate-matching service. We are the only (independent) recruitment agency to work solely with HE sector-based potential applicants (most are PhD-level and above). We aim to prioritise women and traditionally marginalised scholars, given extensive lack of equity in the Higher Education sector (and beyond).

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Don’t waste time with the ‘scatter-gun’ approach to recruitment via the ‘big name’ AI-based generalist recruitment sites. Our (currently) precariously employed candidates and HE sector job-seekers are eager for a quick and stable job placement. We represent the top 1% of the World’s 25 – 64yr olds who have been to university (OECD, 2019).

Reach up-to 170,000+ global candidates

Numbers based on our extensive market research, and the lack of competition for such a HE-tailored service. Over half of PhD students and Grads are seeking non-academic opportunities. We are set to quickly become the #1 resource for this currently under-served applicant community.

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Use of, and support of, our service enables greater opportunity to evidence EDI commitment. You can proactively seek the best (most competent, and ‘highly skilled’) talent, whilst targeting women and other frequently marginalised job-seekers in your talent search.

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