Dr Erica Bowen – Lady Rebel Leader Coaching:  LEAD small group programme and one-day retreats

Erica’s LEAD system and small group coaching programme helps you to: Let Go of your boundary story so you can gain the emotional freedom to put your needs first; Enact a new way of relating to yourself and others so you can prioritise your needs and lead with courage; Achieve the mindset to sustain your courageous leadership so you get comfortable putting your needs first, and direct life on your terms using authentic heart-centred communication so you can say no without guilt and say yes to you!

Her one-day retreats are designed to help you release emotional ties that are no longer supporting you, re-connecting you to your purpose and vision of the world you want to create, connect with other like minded women and spend a day in beautiful surroundings.

For more information, visit the website www.ladyrebelleader.com or contact Erica Erica@thehopemakers.co.uk

Luna Leadership Coaching and Consultancy

Hi there, I’m Luna Muñoz Centifanti, PhD. I’m an applied social scientist (and certified coach) with over 20 years’ experience in investigating the psychological mechanisms of empathy, wellbeing, and social connections for people to thrive. After obtaining a PhD in Applied Psychology in New Orleans, I went to Europe for a permanent lectureship and was promoted to associate professor. I led in both research and professional service within the university sector, public and scientific societies, and non-profit organisations. I left academia in 2021 and started Luna Leadership where I help academics rediscover their skills, redefine success and find new jobs with meaning and purpose, with less stress. My blueprint ‘Pivot with Purpose’ has been perfected through my own research and practice expertise with over 300 hours spent reviewing the literature, courses and training, podcasts, books, interviewing academics and my own lived experience. I have a very active Facebook group at www.lunaleadership.com/facebook, where I host guest speakers and hold masterclasses on career change, and healing after academia.

  • Imagine if you could live your life with more purpose.
  • Imagine if you could be confident and clear in asking for what you want in a job.
  • Imagine if you could rediscover your skills and see them as the gems they really are! With all the worth they have!
  • Imagine if you could have the flexibility to do more of what you want, be with your family, live where you want.
  • Imagine if you could have a mentor with you along the way, who will help you craft bold and powerful CVs/ resumes/ cover letters, and help you stick with a win-strategy business plan.

If you are where I was a couple of years ago, you’ve lost the love for academia or your big career. You’ve been left disillusioned by the changes you’ve seen as you’ve started to make your way up the promotion ladder. You realize that the jobs you’ve taken have been mainly to satisfy the expectations of academia, rather than to satisfy yourself and what you want.

Academia is not all there is!

There are research opportunities outside of the academy.

My program ‘Pivot with Purpose’ is a 70-day investment where you change all of that! You get your identity back! You get your confidence back!

You build a new support network that has your back, each step of the way.

Here is what’s included:

  • Access to my full ‘Pivot with Purpose’ 6-week course material with 29 lessons (and counting!!) of videos, exercises, journaling inspirations (with feedback on your progress)
  • Access to the Ultimate Networking Guide
  • Access to the Cultivating Your Confidence Workbook (when you pay in full) 3 x 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • Lifetime access to weekly group coaching calls
  • CV/resume templates or pre-marketing templates for your business; cover letters, and interviewing
  • Lifetime access to web platform content and Facebook community and support

If this appeals to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a 15 minute chat to see how I can help!

Learn more here: https://www.lunaleadership.com/join-purpose